Catching up with the EWB-USC External Chairs

Last week we sat down with our external chairs, Harrison Getter and Jon Swan, to learn what they’ve been up to this semester and what they are planning for the spring. Harrison is a senior studying Electrical Engineering. He previously served as Guatemala Project Manager and club President. Jon is also a senior, who studies Mechanical Engineering. Last year Jon served as the Kenya Project Manager. Currently, in their joint position as External Chair they are working to develop greater relationships with other EWB chapters and EWB-USA.

EWB-USC External Chairs Jon Swan (left) and Harrison Getter (right).

EWB-USC External Chairs Jon Swan (left) and Harrison Getter (right).

What are you guys looking forward to planning in the next couple months?

Harrison: “Wow a lot actually. We are looking forward to to planning a mentorship programs with other chapters such as  EWB Los Angeles. They are a professional chapter obviously local to us. They have trips just like us as well.

Jon: Later we also are planning on having a closing event for our chapter.

What are some of the external project you have been working on?

Jon: We went on a hike with EWB Los Angeles which was very exciting and we also had a tailgate with them. Hopefully next year we can potentially have the tailgate on campus.

Harrison: Yes, definitely a tailgate on campus and future planning ahead when we get the schedule could create a great turn out. We are also looking for a partners, specifically, we are looking at a partnership with UCLA in the upcoming months. We were thinking some kind of a beach clean up.

How do these projects reflect the future trajectory of the club?

Jon: These are brand new projects for the external position. This external chair team has really been renovated this year because of new responsibilities we have taken on. We are really trying to expand in the greater LA area. The way I see these projects fitting into our mission is for example with our partnership with EWB Los Angeles.We got our first mentor with them and keeping our relationship with them helps maintain a steady pool of professional connections.

Harrison: I agree and I think there are other EWB clubs that deserve to be celebrated and we hope to help with that.

What are some important events coming up?

Jon: We do not have an immediate events right now since it is nearing the end of the semester, but stayed tuned for next semester.

What have you enjoyed the most about being in EWB?

Jon: I have loved meeting and working with other people. I also have loved working on new projects that I may not have had the opportunity to in another club.  

Harrison: Two years ago I was project manager and it was difficult to say the least because I do not like public speaking and I am very disorganized. However, it was a learning experience for me because I was forced to learn how to rely on a committee.  They would hand me tasks and I would figure out where it went. That kind of experience is the most rewarding. Going from that and then joining the E-board is both enjoyable and rewarding. These kinds of friendship you just don’t get anywhere else.